Dieting, Waitressing

My Wakeup Call

I have always been a heavy person.

When I graduated high school I weighed about 160 lbs.

When I got married (little over a year later) I weighed about 180 lbs.

A year ago (Jan. 2009) I weighed about 200 lbs.

Today I weigh 240 lbs.

I have tried diets and exercises, but never have the willpower to stick to them. Then, a couple of weeks ago I received a massive wakeup call.

It was a few days after Valentine’s Day and I was working at Olive Garden. I was waiting on a couple who was celebrating their 14th wedding anniversary. I was shocked when they told me that they were married. I had been expecting them to be business partners, or brother and sister. The reason that I did not assume they were married was because the man was very attractive and physically fit. The woman, however, weighed about 350 lbs. You could tell that she had probably been pretty at one time, but now her face was so swollen that you could barely see even a hint of it! Now I want to say that I felt horrible for thinking this, and I feel even worse blogging about it, but it had such an impact on me and my decision to lose weight that I am. I couldn’t stop thinking about the couple for days! All I could think is “I don’t want to be like that some day!” I don’t want to be a fat, unattractive woman celebrating my wedding anniversary with a man who is waaay out of my league!

So I made the decision to lose 100 lbs. And here I am.

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