Dieting, exercise

The Big Day!!

So today was the big day! The start of my diet!

Except my food didn’t arrive until almost 3pm. =(

Soooo….. diet starts tomorrow!

I have to admit that I spent most of the day waiting (not so patiently) for the FedEx guy to get here! And when he finally arrived, it was like Christmas! He handed me a HUGE box. I opened it and there was a big piece of Styrofoam, which I discarded. Then there was a bunch of air bags. I throw those over my shoulder, too. Next was a white package. I ripped it open and there was a pedometer and a box with three CD’s of workout music. (more on that later) Then I got to the food. I was surprised at how cold the air in the box was! It was like a fridge! I took all the food out and sorted it and looked at it and packed it in the fridge according to day. I was sooo excited I seriously felt like a kid on Christmas morning! I really can’t wait to start now!

So, while I was waiting for my food to arrive, I decided to do my first weigh in on Wii Fit and do some of the exercises. My Wii insulted me twice before I even stepped on! First thing it said to me was “We haven’t seen James lately. You should pay more attention to James.” Lol, a video game telling me to pay more attention to my husband! He loved that! THEN the Wii said that if you pay more attention to your dog, they will be happier. So within 3 minutes, the Wii told me to pay more attention to my husband and dog!! Anyway… on the the results of my first weigh-in:

Weight: 232 lbs.

BMI: 41.09

So my weight has mysteriously gone from 240 to 232 before I even started! Lol. Well we are going to go with a starting weight of 232, officially. So that means that my goal weight is 132 lbs! However, my first goal is to get my BMI from “morbidly obese”, which it is now, to just obese.

After I did my weigh-in, I did the yoga exercises on Wii Fit, and played the balance games. Grand total of 27 minutes.

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