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Week 1, Day 6

So I’ve decided to give myself one “cheat day” a week. Now this won’t be a day that I can go crazy and eat whatever I want. It will just be a day that I can eat things besides what eDiets mails me. I still have to make healthy choices. I think this will help me resist cravings because I can tell myself, you can have that on cheat day, then, hopefully by cheat day I won’t even want it anymore. So yesterday was my cheat day. I ate eDiets breakfast and lunch. I skipped my dairy and fruit servings. And I ate at Chili’s for dinner with some friends. I did good though! I had a fajita trio (steak, chicken, and shrimp). I ate only meat and grilled onions and didn’t touch the tortillas. And I drank water. So overall my calorie intake was around 1,500, which is a little above normal, but still not bad. Does anyone else have a scheduled “cheat day” and do you guys think that this is a good or bad idea?

Waking up to go walk with Breah this morning was very difficult! I hit snooze three times. And it was cold! 35 degrees! But it was pretty fun. My legs were kinda sore from Monday, so I felt it a lot more today. And a worked up a little sweat!

I’m considering doing the one hundred pushups challenge and/or the two hundred situps challenge on my days off walking. [] I’ve also been looking at resistance bands and exercises for them.

Tomorrow’s weigh-in! I’m excited to see how much progress I’ve made, but also nervous. I hope all this work is paying off! We’ll see tomorrow I guess!

Have a great day!

1 thought on “Week 1, Day 6”

  1. I’m not a fan of cheat days, but instead, try adding something healthy every day that isn’t planned out for you. That way, you’re making a conscious decision to be “healthy” instead of just eating the pre-ordered healthy meals. Also, by focusing on being a little healthier takes your mind off of having to cheat.

    Over time, I built up my eating habits to where they’re more balanced. Starting with an apple or a fruit a day. Then it became a fruit/veggie per meal…and I moved up from there. I don’t give up foods I love, I just have them less often and in smaller portions.

    But anyways, do what works for you. If eDiets is helpful, then stick with it! =)

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