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I’ve been bad. (and good!)

So I’ve been bad. =( Weekends are hard!! I’ve been good too though! We’ll start with the good!

Friday my hubby and I went to see Alice in Wonderland in 3-D (AMAZING!). Usually when we go to a movie I eat a ton of buttery, fattening popcorn and drink a huge soda. This time, although my hubby got popcorn and soda and ate/drank it right in front of me, I resisted! I didn’t eat a single kernel of popcorn! I am super proud of myself! I just drank a bottle of water!

Now for the naughty.

My exercise partner was sick on Friday, so we didn’t run. And I had a test to study for today, so we didn’t run again today! Wednesday we will get back into routine though! Annnnd on Saturday I went to lunch with my hubby at an Italian restaurant. I didn’t do toooo bad. I ordered a shrimp pizza and only ate one and a half pieces. And I did extra good the rest of the day! And I was bad again today! After serving delicious cheesy, buttery, yummy food all day, I was absolutely craving calamari when I got off work! So me and the husband went to Olive Garden tonight. I had the following:

Calamari–400 calories

Grilled shrimp caprese (and I didn’t eat the pasta)– 450 calories

Chicken and Gnocchi soup–200 calories

1 Breadstick–150 calories

Strawberry Fresco–230 calories

Total–1,430 calories!! On one meal!!!

My lunch today was 300 calories, and breakfast was 100, so my grand total calories for the day is 1,830!

Still waaaay less than I used to eat a day. But not good!

I promise to do better! I’m officially back on plan starting now!

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