Book Review: Last Vampire Series by Christopher Pike

So, I just finished reading the Last Vampire series by Christopher Pike. I used to read Christopher Pike books all the time when I was in junior high, but haven’t really read anything by him since high school. However, the Last Vampire series was recently re-published. They combined the 6 book series into two large volumes, each containing 3 books, and renamed them “Thirst”. I passed these books by in the bookstore several times, assuming they were one of the many vampire books recently written trying to ride the Twilight wave. This last visit to the bookstore I noticed that they were written by Christopher Pike and decided to try them out. I have to say that they were pretty good! Way better than a lot of the vampire novels out there lately! I am a big paranormal fiction fan and love finding new things to read. The Last Vampire books are about Sita, a 5,000 year old vampire. The last vampire in the world. They are a great read and I highly recommend them!

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