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Weekly Weigh-in and Belated Healthy You Challenge Check-in

Soo…. this wasn’t a good week for me. I cheated several times. The reason:  I’m a sucker for restaurants. When I friend invites me to go out to eat, I can’t say no. And then, even though I try to make healthy decisions, I still eat a ton of calories! What do you guys do in that situation? I want to hang out with my friends, but I don’t want to eat unhealthy.

Anyway, today was weigh-in. =( I gained one pound. I was kinda expecting it, but it was still heartbreaking to see it on the scale.

I’m officially back on track, but I’m going on a camping trip Sun.-Tues. and am worried about that. Half the fun of camping is the great camp food! lol. I will be getting a ton of exercise hiking and stuff though. Any tips on how to eat healthy while camping?

4 thoughts on “Weekly Weigh-in and Belated Healthy You Challenge Check-in”

  1. I might not be the best person to follow re restaurant eating. This is one time when I am generally in control. I noticed that most restaurants in USA serve a salad starter. it helps to eat this and drink iced water before anything else. When I choose my main and I usually go for the one with least carbohydrate. Protein and salad or other nice vegies with dressings, sauces on the side. I prefer grilled, pan fried or roast meat. I never eat fries or deep fried food in a restaurant because there is usually other more interesting food. If I know the mains/entrees are huge servings and there is a suitable starter I have that instead. I am often sucked in by the dessert so find someone to share with and that makes me careful not to eat more than my share. I don’t drink alcohol or soda but it’s fairly easy to limit alcohol by starting with iced water. I do have tomato juice if I know they serve a flavoursome brand. Friends don’t usually care if you’re not drinking alcohol and it does make a mess of any good plans.

    I know a lot of people think they need alcohol to make an evening out work. That’s not true. I find that the ambience, the buzz around the restaurant, being ‘dressed-up’ whether dressy or casual and being with friends is enough to get the fun juices running.

    Have I given you food for thought or do you already think along these lines?

    1. Thanks for the great tips! When I eat in restaurants, I usually drink water rather than soda and I try to order the healthier options. What’s hard for me is resisting the delicious (and extremely fattening) appetizers! Especially if someone else orders one for the table! And I love cheese and cheesy dishes, which of course are packed with calories!

      I’ve just got to remember to ask myself “Would I rather eat a plate of calamari and be fat forever, or instead just have salad and be healthy?”

  2. When it comes to eating out, it doesn’t have to be a “cheat.” If I know this place serves larger portion sizes beforehand, I ask the server to bring out only half the meal and put the other half as a take-away. That way, you’re not tempted finish the whole plate since they’ve already taken out half the meal.

    As for appetizers, if everyone’s sharing, I don’t mind having one or two but as long as I don’t eat the whole thing, it’s fine. Salad isn’t always healthier…especially with lots of dressing and fried toppings. It’s all about balance and knowing that you can have anything you want, but only less.

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