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Tomorrow is weigh in day! I’m nervous and excited! I’m anticipating good results, but I’m going to be pretty bummed if I don’t get them. I’ve been working so hard!

Thursday and Friday were a bit of a struggle for me. In addition to working at Olive Garden, on Thursday and Friday mornings I work at a small, privately owned, Asian restaurant called Truly Asian. It pretty small; usually it’s just me and the owner there. He’s the only cook. He makes all his sauces fresh every day and uses all fresh ingredients. Part of the way he pays us is to cook us a meal every shift we work. And his food is irresistible. So both Thursday and Friday I ate fried rice for lunch. 😛 But I did really good the rest of the day and still stayed in my points!!

I got my ActiveLink in the mail on Friday!

The package looks like a pregnancy test. Lol. I’m pretty excited to start using it. I have to wear it for 8 days first to set my activity baseline.

Today I babysat my friends Sarah and Nikki’s kid. He’s 7. I took him to the local park. We feed ducks and walked around the lake (about a mile). I also introduced him to geocaching! (One of my favorite activities!) I made him and my hubby spaghetti and meatballs for dinner. For myself I made whole wheat penne pasta with turkey smoked sausage, spinach, mushrooms, and arrabiatta sauce. I did eat a piece of garlic bread though. 😦 Still within my points though!


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