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Gym Fear

So I’m really going to have to do something about Thursday and Fridays. My boss cooks me food that is delicious and completely impossible to resist! And fuuuullllll of calories. And I don’t know how to say no. I’m kind of afraid of offending him if I turn the food down. And he’s convinced that fried rice is healthy…. I’m just going to have to say no anyway.

Today I convinced the hubby to go to the local state park and walk around the lake with me. It’s 2.4 miles. It took us 50 minutes to complete it. That tells you how much work we need! My goal is to go out there and walk it every day. Especially since the weather has been so amazing! It was 70 degrees today! Besides just being outside and getting some exercise, I really enjoyed spending the time with my husband. It’s been awhile since we’ve done something like that and it was really nice. Now I just need to talk him into going to the gym with me!

Speaking of gyms, I’m terrified to go. I have a gym membership. I’ve had it for a year. I’ve been once. Yes, only once. I’m can’t make myself go. And it’s not because I don’t want to work out; I do. It’s because I’m scared. I’m scared that the people who work there are secretly laughing at me because I’ve had a gym membership for a year and only gone once. I’m scared that everyone else in the gym is looking at me and thinking, “Look at the big fatty trying to work out.” And I’m scared of using the equipment wrong. I get a lot of cardio type exercise in my everyday life. I’m not really interested in going to the gym to run on a treadmill. I want to do some different workouts. Work on my muscle strength and stuff. Has anyone else been to afraid to go to the gym? And what did you do to overcome it?

3 thoughts on “Gym Fear”

  1. Don’t fear the gym! It can be a place where you can completely zone out and just relax to your own music and get your workout done.

    I used to love just going on the xtrainer and the bike (mainly because you couldn’t stuff them up!). I’m now starting classes (which I am terrified of because I think the enclosed environment is a bit nerve wracking), but you’ve just got to remember that everyone is there for the same reason :).

  2. I used to feel the same way, and I still don’t care to exercise when there are other people around. I started walking on the gravel roads by my home because it was isolated and no one would stare at me. Now I go to the local high school and use the equipment there, residents can get a card to use everything their tax $ paid for. I try to go at a time of day when there is nobody there, like between 11 and 2. The kids are in class and most of the adults in the community come in the early morning or evening. This only works on my days off, I work part-time, so it might not for you. But you could ask the gym what time have fewer people using the machines. It also helps to put on a set of headphones and use your mp3 player to drown everyone else out and just focus on what you are going.

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