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Weekly Weigh-In

So today is Sunday. Weekly weigh-in day. I wasn’t looking forward to today. Not because I didn’t do good, but because I have been watching A LOT of The Biggest Loser lately. And Week 2 is always a terrible week on The Biggest Loser. So I prepared myself for a small loss, or even a gain. Especially since I almost lost 10 pounds last week. But I stepped on the scale today and it said…… 239. Down 1.6 pounds! Not a lot, but better than nothing!

My ActiveLink assessment ended yesterday. I earn an average of 5 activity points a day. My goal for the next 12 weeks is to up that to an average of 7 a day. One activity point is 70-80 calories, for those of you who aren’t WeightWatchers. (At least from what I’ve read.) So I’m pretty excited to see that I move that much already. (Thank you Olive Garden!) And I’m ready to get to work earned three more a day! Starting with going to the lake and walking tomorrow morning.

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