Size 16….. almost.

So I’ve been doing really good this week. Without even trying I’ve been staying under 1200 calories. I usually have 8-10 points left each day. I can’t eat them all! I haven’t been hungry at all. I don’t even really feel like I’m dieting! I’m not really neglecting myself of anything. I’m just eating healthy things. Last night, after working my job at Truly Asian yesterday morning, and ToGo at Olive Garden that night (about 14 hours all together) I really really really wanted a double cheeseburger from McDonalds. And I had enough points left in the day to have it, too. I almost did it. But then I made the decision to eat something healthier, that would probably satisfy me more and make me feel better, instead. And I was pretty proud of myself! It’s nice to know that I can still have stuff like that every now and then, if I plan for it, though.

I went to the gym with my friend Storm on Thursday night. We did a mile on the elliptical (took me 14 minutes) first. I was pretty out of breath at about .75 miles but I didn’t stop. Next we used the stair climber thing. (You can tell how gym-savvy I am!) My goal was 10 flights of stairs (on level 5). At four flights I thought I was going to die! I pushed on to 6 flights, but then I had to stop. Storm did all 10 of hers though. After a two minute break we did a mile on the bikes. I actually beat Storm on these! I did a mile in 5 minutes, 2 minutes faster! Then we did ab twisty things with weights. I used 35 pounds. I don’t feel like I really used that machine correctly. You’re supposed to twist using your abs, but I’m pretty sure I was using my arms more…  But I actually had fun! I am excited to go back!

A couple of days ago I was shopping for some yoga pants. I bought a pair in the size I normally wear (18) without trying them on. Later that day I put them on and went to the lake to walk. They were really really tight! I mean, I know that yoga pants are tight, but these were excessively tight! (Don’t worry, I had a tunic on over them!) I was really upset because I’m working so hard to lose weight and I was actually going to have to go up a size! We I got home and took them off though, I noticed that I must have grabbed the wrong size; they were a 16! So that made me happy! I fit into a size 16… almost. lol.

Tomorrow is weigh-in day. I’m actually pretty excited to see what my weight is. Oh, and my friends Sarah and Nikki have talked me into doing Insanity with them starting Monday. I’m pretty nervous! I am terrible at exercise videos! I have NO rhythm or coordination! I can never keep in time with them. And I’m pretty sure I’m not physically capable of doing most of the stuff in Insanity. Oh, well, I’ll give it a shot!  

4 thoughts on “Size 16….. almost.”

  1. Woohoo down a size so quickly thats good work :). Haha you’re brave going on the stairclimber, I really dislike that thing.

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