Snacking Struggles

I’m not a snacker. I don’t have a big sweet tooth. I don’t even get a lot of cravings. I’m not a fast food frequent flyer. I actually like water better than soda. And I love fruits and veggies! I didn’t get fat from these things. My bad habits are the following:

  1. Not exercising.
  2. Only eating 1-2 meals a day.
  3. Those 1-2 meals being EXTREMELY high calorie, large portion, bad for you meals.

So this diet has not been hard at all for me. I haven’t cheated at all. I haven’t even eaten any of my weekly points or activity points. My problem has actually been eating enough! I NEVER eat all of my daily points. Sometimes I even have 20+ left over. I’m counting calories using MyFitnessPal as well as using WeightWatchers, and I’m eating 700-1000 calories a day. I’m not hungry. I’m not starving myself. I’m eating three meals a day. (Breakfast is usually really small though; it’s hard for me to eat in the mornings.) I’m just eating really healthy things. And I don’t snack. I don’t get hungry between meals. Also, my job is very fast paced. I usually work 7-8 hours with no break because I’m way to busy to take a break. I know this is bad for weight loss because I’m making my body think I’m starving and it’s holding onto fat. So I’m trying to force myself to snack a little during the day. I bought some low point/low calorie foods that I can take to work and eat on the go:

  • Kashi Granola Bars (Cherry Dark Chocolate) 3pp Image
  • Cocoa Almonds 3pp



  • And some fruit snacks 2pp

I space them out throughout my shift and it’s kind of like a substitute lunch. Maybe making this change will help me lose more that 2 pounds this week!


3 thoughts on “Snacking Struggles”

  1. One thing I found is that when I had cut my calories back too far for too long my body stopped telling me it was hungry. I read someplace it was a defense mechanism your body had for times of famine. Now that I am eating closer to my calorie count total I will feel hungry between meals sometimes. How lucky to not crave sweets thou, they are definitely my downfall

  2. Yes me too Palepeacock I have the biggest sweet tooth and I really hate it. I know people that don’t even like sweet things and I find it really hard to understand. I have just started by cutting our sugar and I am amazed that I have stopped craving it so much, not completely but I find that i I am fuller on healthy foods. keep going DietingWaitress you can do it and yo will feel so much better for it.

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