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Couch to 5K

Thursday I restarted Couch to 5K. (For the hundredth time…) But this time, I think because I have such a tangible goal in mind (Color Run 5K in three months), I really pushed myself, and for the first time I was able to complete the first day and run all of the running parts! I think it helped that I was in the gym on a treadmill instead of outside. Although I’d rather be outside in the sun any day, it seems to be a lot easier to run on a treadmill. Also I had a workout buddy (my friend Storm). We pushed each other to not stop and that really helped.

Yesterday was a rest day, but today was Day 2. Unfortunately, Storm and I work opposite shifts today so we weren’t able to do it together, so I went to the gym by myself. Today was a lot harder than Thursday!! I really really had to push myself to not stop the runs early. I seemed to be getting a lot more out of breathe. Right after the halfway point I had to give myself an extra minute if walk time. Then I had to lower my run speed from 6mph to 5.5mph and my walk speed from 3.3mph to 2.5mph. But I still finished it without ending a run early! I’m pretty proud of myself for that. Hopefully Day 3 on Monday will be a little easier. Has anyone else done C25K? Did you find that it was more difficult or easier to complete the runs as you progressed?

On a different note, weigh in is tomorrow. I’m pretty nervous. Although I’ve worked out quite a bit this week, I haven’t been eating the best. I’ve used most of my weekly points, which I usually don’t touch. I’ve gone over calories (majorly!) one day and got really close to going over a second day. And I just don’t feel like I’ve list any weight. I actually feel like I’ve gained a couple pounds. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

8 thoughts on “Couch to 5K”

  1. I’m not training for a 5k, but I had problems with the breathing and jogging when I first started. My body could do it, but my lungs felt like they were going to give up. I did some searching online and basicly what I found is that I needed to slow down in speed and it didn’t take much just .2 miles per hour. Once I did I found I could jog for a much longer time. Now I am beginning to feel as if I could increase my speed a bit when I do my jogs, instead though I have been increasing my length of time. I also read that it is important to breath from the belly not chest and try to take a slow count to three in-breath and a shorter two count out-breath. Hope it helps, great job so far with pushing through, I hope you post pictures from your color run. Amy

  2. I am currently doing Couch 2 5k!
    I have found it simple, but easy to fall off the time schedule.
    I am down 103 lbs, and can completely relate to this blog!
    You can do this pretty lady!
    I am here to support you.
    Running right along with you.

  3. Woohoo! Good for you! Keep up the good work. I completely forgot about the C25K plan, but now you’ve reminded me, I’m on it! Me and my hubby just got a membership at the Y, so I have more access to equipment, especially the treadmill!

  4. I just completed week 3. I’m finding it challenging, but I *think* it’s getting a little better in that 60 seconds seems much easier to me now that I’ve been running for 3 minutes at a time (although that 3 minute run suuuucks). Also, Day 3 of any given week has seemed easier than Day 1 (sometimes Day 2 is the hardest, though, which is weird). That being said, week 3 was the hardest week yet overall. I hope that made sense!

    Good luck! I’m puffing along with you.

      1. I have just been running outside. And, to be honest, sometimes my walking speed and my running speed are about equal. My speed totally depends on how much I want to die.

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