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My milkshake…. (doesn’t bring any boys around)

Wednesday after work I went to they gym to start Week 2 of Couch to 5K. I was feeling nervous about running for 1 minute and 30 seconds, but not too much, since my last day of Week 1 went so well.

I get to the gym and choose a treadmill and get started on my warm up. There’s not just a ton of other people at the gym, but the treadmill immediately across from me and the two beside it were occupied. Directly across from me was an older woman. She was wearing jeans with a long sleeve shirt tucked into them. She wasn’t actually using the treadmill though. She was just standing on it with her headphones plugged in watching tv. (At my gym all of the machines have an individual tv screen where you can watch whatever you want.) Next to her was her husband, also wearing jeans (and workboots), also not actually using the treadmill, just standing there watching tv. Next to him is their son. He was about 25 and he’s running on the treadmill. Needless to say, this was a little weird, and a bit distracting. I started my first run and made it through the minute and thirty seconds and went back down to a walk. I made it through to second run okay, too. By the third run, I was covered in sweat! I barely made it through the third run. I had to stop the fourth run thirty seconds early. As I was doing my recovery walk, I noticed that the woman across from me was pulling her sleeves down over her hands like she was cold. Then, she walked to the fan behind me and turned it off! It was pretty annoying, because I was sweating pretty profusely. But there was another fan to my left, so I ignored it. Then she turned that one off, too! It really pissed me off! Here I am running on the treadmill, about to die, and she’s just standing there! I had to end both of the remaining runs 15 seconds early. I’m pretty sure I let her distract me. 😛 After I finished (kind of) my runs, I did 30 minutes on the elliptical using one of the cross training programs. It was difficult, but manageable. Pedaling backwards definitely works different muscles! Then I called it quits and went home.

Thursday morning I worked and Truly Asian and Thursday night I worked at Olive Garden. I didn’t get off work until almost midnight, so I didn’t get any exercise in on Thursday.

Yesterday I only worked at Truly Asian. My husband, our friend Matt, and I went to see Pain and Gain last night. It’s a pretty great movie. Really funny. It’s crazy that it’s a true story!! And Dwayne Johnson looks aaaamazing!



After the movie, I headed to the gym. This was the first time that I had ever gone to the gym after hours, and for some reason I was really anxious about it. I almost didn’t even go. I drove to Sonic before I went to work up the courage to go to the gym (I don’t even know why I was so nervous to go after hours!!) I was planning on just getting a Diet Green Tea. I was so stressed out by this point (and mad at myself for letting myself get stressed out over something so stupid) that I ordered a peanut butter and jelly milkshake. 😦 And drank it. Then, I was pretty mad at myself for eating the milkshake. I was just going to go home and go to bed. But then I stopped myself. I told myself how stupid I was being and how if I just went home I was going to be even madder at myself. So I went to the gym. I know this probably sounds really ridiculous, and it is, but it was a big accomplishment for me! Yes, my entire workout went to working off the milkshake, but I worked it off. And I ran Week 2, Day 1 again. And I ran all of the runs without stopping! Then I did 30 minutes on the elliptical, 20 minutes on the stairmaster, and 30 minutes on the bike.

6 thoughts on “My milkshake…. (doesn’t bring any boys around)”

  1. Way to go Kelli, on your weight loss journey, on committing to Couch to 5K, going to the gym after the milkshake, and an awesome workout on top of it. LOL You are much nicer than I would have been with the weird gym people…I would have said something…but I’m over fifty and don’t put up with twits much anymore.

    I too an on a weight loss journey, have been since I was 20, but have figured out some things about myself in the last little while, and like you, wanted to share and bog about it. I’m a newbie, but am having fun.

    I took up running 3 years ago on a challenge from a friend, and signed up for a 10k before I knew how far that was, or that there was a 5k option! I’ve heard couch to 5 is a great plan. I ended up using “The Beginning Runners Handbook” which is geared to, as it says, beginners, to run a 10 k in 13 weeks. I, like you, was hugely intimidated as the runs got longer, but somehow I always managed to complete that days work out, and I shockingly ran that 10k I had signed up for. I didn’t run the entire 10 k, but my first time was a semi-respectable 1 hour 23 min. I can’t say I love running now, but I like it way more than I used to. I’m hoping when I get down to a reasonable weight, I can get that time down to under an hour. Keep up the good work.

  2. I’m contemplating doing a couch to 5k training programme but i’d only be doing it for the sake of it. No actual race to train for hmmm x

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