Sore Today, Strong Tomorrow!

On Wednesday Heidi and I did our first day of strength training! We used all the arm machines in the gym at the highest weight we could handle (which wasn’t a lot!). We did two sets of 10 reps. It was hard! I didn’t realize how weak I was! Stronger than Heidi though, which was nice since I’m 100 lbs heavier than she is! I hate that the strength training room is surrounded by mirrors though! It’s impossible not to look in them! And sitting on the machines next to tiny, skinny Heidi is NOT good for self esteem! It felt great though. And now I’m over my fear of strength equipment! Lol, I have discovered that once I work up the courage to do something once, all my anxiety about it goes away.

Thursday was a break day from exercise. I worked at Truly Asian that morning and Olive Garden that night, so I wasn’t truly a break day. I was constantly moving (quite briskly most of the day) for about 12 hours. But I didn’t go to the gym. And my arms were pretty sore. Like hurt to put on my shirt, deodorant, etc. sore. A good sore though. A sore that kind of makes you smile because you know you worked hard for that soreness. Today was worse though! My arms are super sore today! My armpits and right above my boobs mainly.

How long does it take to get over being sore? And will I always be this sore after strength exercises or does it get better after doing it for awhile? I guess it doesn’t matter, because I’m not quitting! Sore today, strong tomorrow!!


3 thoughts on “Sore Today, Strong Tomorrow!”

  1. It takes me about two days to get over being sore. Generally, the day a body part stops being sore is the day I am scheduled to work that part again. It’s a good sore though 🙂 Keep up the good work!

  2. Yes, and you might even be sore another day or two, a couple ibuprofen will take the edge off. Good job starting the weights! I’m just the same, first time for everything is always the hardest part, then I’m all “what was so hard about THAT?!!” I love lifting weights too, I love feeling strong, and they help burn more fat, which I’m sure you already know!

  3. I can’t give you advice on weight training. Never could stick with it long enough give advice, but I’m very proud of your efforts. I just may be inspired to try a few weights after my Zumba class. Thanks!

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