Weekly Weigh-in

I gained weight this week. 😦 I’m pretty frustrated with this. I worked out every day this week except for Thursday. I stuck to my diet. I feel like I lost weight. And I feel like I should have lost weight! But when I stepped on the scale it said 227! I gained 0.4 pounds. 

My goals last week were the following:

• Hit the gym at least 4 times
• Finish Week 2 C25K and successfully run Day 1 of Week 3
• Stay within my points (as close to 1200 calories as possible)
• Drink A LOT more water
• Add some strength training to my workouts
• Lose (at least) 1.6 lbs

I went to the gym 6 times. I finished Week 2 AND Week 3 of C25K. I stayed within my points. I added strength training to my workouts. I could still drink more water… And I DID NOT lose 1.6 pounds. 

Anyway. I’m extremely frustrated and just feel blah today. 

Goals for next week:

  • Gym 6 times. Arms on Mon./Wed./Sat. Legs on Tues./Fri./Sun. Cardio everyday.
  • Stick to diet. 
  • Drink a ton of water.
  • Lose 2 lbs.
  • Finish Week 4 C25K.

7 thoughts on “Weekly Weigh-in”

  1. Sorry you had a bad week. I’m right there with you, up this week too despite being good all week. Maybe its not us, maybe there is something in the atmosphere. Hope things go better for you this week. You are still doing an amazing job though and good work getting in so much exercise! Amy

  2. You added weights. Be proud of your accomplishments. They say muscle weighs more, so you are probably firming up. I bet you feel good physically, so keep your good attitude. I’m proud of you!

  3. ahhhhh! HATE THIS! but you no better, and so do i- that on any given day, you could be retaining water or something- and the numbers just didn’t show what they were supposed to. It sounds like you were doing EVERYTHING you were supposed to-JUST KEEP DOING IT!! (easier said than done.) i’m the WORST when it comes to this…the second i don’t see a loss or a change on the scale at ALL, i start to lose it and make excuses and just let whatever in my mouth.

    its really annoying, but we’re STRONGER THAN THAT!!!!

  4. Hi Kelli,
    I hope you get this comment/message, it’s seems that you’ve been away for a while. I’m sure you’ve been busy.

    I just wanted to touch base with you to say thank you for posting the recipes and grocery list for week one of Bob Harper’s Jumpstart to skinny. I am getting ready to start the diet and finding your list here is going to be extremely helpful, you really did an amazing job.
    I was wondering if you have done that with weeks 2 and 3, if not I’m gonna start working on week 2 and I can pass it on to you, if you’d like.
    hope all is well

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