Week 4 C25K

Up until this point I haven’t really been on a diet. I’ve been counting calories, but still eating whatever I want as long as it’s within my allotment (1200-1600 calories a day). But I’ve been disappointed with my weight loss (compared to the amount of time I’ve spent in the gym) the last few weeks, so I decided to start a real diet this week. I’m using Bob Harpers “The Skinny Rules” as a guideline. My main goals are the following:

  1. Increase my water intake. A lot. So far I’ve been drinking at least 3 32oz bottles of water a day. (And I have been having to take a ton of bathroom breaks, too!!)
  2. Decrease my sodium intake. A lot. I’m really really bad about adding salt to food. I’ve done better this week, but I need to work on this. My goal is to consume less than 2500 mg of sodium a day. On Monday I did great and only had 1296 mg. On Tuesday I didn’t do so great and had 3245 mg. Today I did a little better and only went over by 342 mg.
  3. Eat at least half of my body weight in grams of protein. (112 grams) This is also going to be a tough one! On Monday I ate 76 grams, Tuesday 84 grams, and Wednesday 81 grams. 
  4. Eat a real breakfast every day. This is also a hard one for me. I am NOT a morning person. I like to press snooze. And press it again. And again. I don’t give myself a lot of time to cook/eat breakfast in the morning. Prior to starting my weight loss journey I didn’t eat breakfast at all. In March, when I started trying to lose weight, I started drinking Special K Breakfast Shakes in the morning. It was easy to just grab and go. I really don’t think they are the best choice though. So I’ve been making myself get up early enough to eat a real breakfast. So far it’s been the same thing every morning. A package of instant oatmeal (maple brown sugar, 160 calories) and a cup of nonfat Greek yogurt (100 calories). Eventually I want to get up early enough to make myself an eggwhite omelet with some veggies for breakfast. 
  5. Eat breakfast, a morning snack, lunch, an afternoon snack, and dinner every day. I’ve written before about how hard it is for me to snack. I just don’t have time. I usually work 8 hour shifts with no break and no time to stop and eat a snack or have lunch. I’ve been taking snacks and lunch to work with me though and sneaking back into the break room and scarfing them down in about five minutes throughout my shift this week though. Probably not great to eat my whole lunch in five minutes, but I don’t really have a choice.
  6. No more frozen dinners!! I tend to work weird hours, and like I said, I can’t eat during my shifts at work, so I’ve gotten into a habit of coming home and just popping something into the microwave. Most frozen dinners are full of salt and other things I shouldn’t eat though! I haven’t had one all week!
  7. No more eating out!! Even healthy things at restaurants aren’t the best option. There’s no way to control what is in the food and how it’s prepared and there’s just too much temptation to eat too much. 
  8. Increase my fiber. This isn’t something I’ve really ever paid much attention to before, but I know it’s important to weight loss and being healthy. I’m not really sure how much I’ve eaten in the past, but I’ve been making an effort to include fiber rich food in my meal choices this week. Monday I only ate 14 grams (goal is 30-50 grams). Tuesday I ate 31 grams. Today I had 26 grams.

So to achieve these goals I have been using some of the menus from Bob Harper’s “The Skinny Rules” book. Most of them are really easy to make and the book has great tips for preparing the food in advance so that it doesn’t take long each day. My favorite recipe so far had been the turkey meatballs. 

Turkey Meatballs


  • 1 lb extra lean ground turkey
  • 3 garlic cloves, minced
  • 1/4 cup chopped onion
  • 1/4 cup cilantro
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • Black pepper
  • 1/2 teaspoon oregano
  • 1 large egg, beaten
  • 1/2 cup cooked brown rice


Mix all ingredients in a bowl. Shape into meatballs (about 20). Spray large skillet with extra virgin olive oil. Cook 5-6 minutes. 

About 30 calories per meatball. 



This is a picture of a lettuce wrap with tomatoes and two meatballs. It’s delicious and only 77 calories!!

Today I finished Week 4 of C25K. I’m pretty excited about this because I had to repeat a day three times. Mostly because I just couldn’t get in the right frame of mind! Today I did it though! Now I’m super nervous about next week! Not so much about Day 1 and Day 2 (Day 1 is three 5 minute runs and Day 2 is two 8 minute runs). It’ll be hard, but I know that I can do it. Day 3 is a 20 minute run though!! 20 minutes!! Right now it’s a struggle to finish 5 minutes and I’m supposed to do 20 minutes a week from today?? I’m hoping I can find a friend that can run for 20 minutes without stopping to go to the gym with me that day and run it with me. I’ve discovered that it’s easier to push myself to finish the runs when I’m running with someone else (as long as they don’t stop early!).

Anyway, sorry about the long rambling post. I’ve weighed myself every day this week, and though it doesn’t count until Sunday, I’m at 221 pounds! (4 lbs lighter than last weigh in!) I’m hoping it stays that way! 

Hope everyone else is having a great week! Anyone have any tips for Week 5 C25k?

2 thoughts on “Week 4 C25K”

  1. It sounds like you are definitely on the right track there. I am trying to do a similar thing although diets per se don’t tend to work for me. I would highly recommend finding a running buddy, preferably one much fitter than you! This is one of the main things that got me to being able to run longer than 20 minutes. My friend would chat away and distract me from the pain!

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