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Belated Weekly Weigh-in

NOTE: I thought that I posted this last week, but it just saved as a draft…. Oops.

So this post is extremely late. I had a very very busy week! Last Tuesday I finally went to the doctor after being on my period pretty much since the middle of February with only a two week break. I was pretty nervous about going since in the past when I’ve went to the doctor for this they have always been pretty dismissive and blamed it on my weight. This doctor was amazing though! He made me feel like he really cared about making me better. After the exam, he said that I most likely have fibroid tumors, and potentially cysts in my ovaries. He also said that my uterus is tilted back. He said that I needed an ultrasound to find out exactly what is going on. He also gave me some meds to make me stop bleeding and I’m happy to say that I finally have!! I had my ultrasound on Wednesday. They didn’t tell me any results and I still haven’t heard anything. I’m hoping that this is good news. Surely if it was bad they would have called me by now? So anyway, stressful week! I didn’t really cheat, but I also didn’t do good! And I definitely didn’t exercise enough!!

Oh, I also went to the eye doctor on Tuesday and got contacts!! I can’t believe I’ve waited this long to get them! They are amazing!

Some friends and I spontaneously decided to go to the river on Sunday. We had a blast, but now I’m terribly sunburned!! And being around a bunch of tiny girls in bikinis definitely motivates me to work harder on my weight loss!


All of us at the beginning. (Before the alcohol started…. lol)


Me and my friend, Matt.


Me with the gorgeous Anthony and Ricky.


By this point we’d had quite a bit of alcohol…


Me and Jen.


Me and Jourdan.


Me and Anthony.

So I definitely did cheat that day…

I’ve also been busy this week working on my costume for Memphis Zombie Walk! If you’ve never heard of a zombie walk, it’s basically a parade where everyone is dressed as zombies. I had a blast last year. This year we are doing Disney themed costumes. I’m going to be Snow White. Here’s some pictures from last year.





I absolutely LOVE doing costume makeup and effect makeup and had a blast doing our costumes. I did all of our makeup myself!

I start summer classes tomorrow!! I’m taking Microeconomics class from 7:30 am to 9:30 am. Early mornings!

This post got waaaay off topic. Sorry. I’m actually trying to get some school stuff worked out right now and am super frustrated and keep getting distracted! Back to the weigh-in. Despite lack of exercise and really really bending the diet rules, I didn’t gain any weight! I’m still at 222! This week I’m going to work harder, but I’m going to be trying to get into a new schedule and still have a pretty packed week, so I don’t know how much better I’m going to do. 😛

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