So it’s been a while since I’ve made a post. I’d like to say that despite not writing about it, I’ve stuck to my diet and exercise, but that would be a lie. Unfortunately I’ve basically spent the last few weeks curled up in a ball in bed in pain, or at the doctor’s office. One of the last posts I made I mentioned that I had gone to the doctor because of my irregular periods, cramping, and being on my period for over a month. Well really, with a couple of weeks break, I’ve been on my period since the middle of February. =P So when I went to the doctor at the end of May, he gave me some medicine to make my period stop (Nortrel 2 times a day for 7 days, and then once a day after that). He also did some blood work and ordered an ultrasound. The meds did make my period stop after a couple of days. However, on July 15 it started again. This time with SEVERE cramps. I went back to the doctor. He said that my thyroid blood test had been normal, and that I had cysts on my ovaries, but he didn’t think that they would be a problem. He also said that my uterine lining was thicker than normal (1 centimeter), but again he didn’t think that would be a problem. He said it looked like I just had bad genetics. He told me to start taking the Nortrel twice a day again to make my period stop and gave me Naproxen Sodium 550mg for the cramping and referred me to a gynecologist. Neither of these meds did anything. It was a week before my appointment with the gynecologist and I was in massive amounts of pain the whole week. I’ve never had a child, but it felt like what I would imagine early labor would feel like. I’m pretty sure that I was having contractions!

I met with the gynecologist on Thursday and she said that I have PCOS. This kind of confused me because my family doctor had specifically said that it probably wasn’t PCOS, but oh well, she’s the specialist. She told me to go ahead and finish the Nortrel since I only had a week left, and gave me a different kind of birth control pill to start after I finish it out (skipping the inert pills). She also did a bunch of blood work. My glucose and cholesterol came back fine, but my prolactin levels are high, so I have to have the blood work again in a month and if it’s still high I have to see an endocrinologist. 

Unfortunately, my period still hasn’t stopped, although it has slowed down, and I’m still cramping. The cramps aren’t quite as bad as they were, but they are still way worse than normal period cramps! 

Sooo… needless to say, I’m frustrated. I haven’t been watching what I have been eating at all and have done absolutely no exercise. 

Good news: Despite missing a week of my month long summer class, I still made a B. I was a little bummed because I was hoping for an A, but considering the circumstances I’m happy with a B. I started my second summer class yesterday.

Despite still feeling like shit, I’m starting back hardcore dieting/exercise tomorrow. I’m still hoping to weigh 199 pounds by August 3 (even though that’s kinda doubtful now; I’d have to lose 25 pounds in a month.) I’m going to try Bob Harper’s Jumpstart to Skinny. I LOVE Bob Harper’s The Skinny Rules. I feel like it’s super easy to follow because he tells you exactly how to make it work by cooking as much as possible at the beginning of the week. 

I went grocery shopping for Week 1 today. I felt like a rabbit because my entire cart was full of veggies!! 

So does anyone else have any experience with PCOS that can give me some advice? I don’t know very much about it and feel very overwhelmed. Also, anyone have any tips with helping with the cramps? Mine are terrible, but I can’t spend any more time in bed so I’m just trying to work through it.

4 thoughts on “PCOS”

  1. I think everyone with PCOS is different. I was diagnosed about a year ago and I’m with you on how bad the cramps are you feel like you’re having contractions. I would take some OTC pain pills and use a heating pad. That seemed to help. But really just had to power through the pain. There is a website I think it is soulcysters.com (sorry I can verify I’m on my phone) that has a lot of great info on PCOS.

  2. hey!! have you tried swimming or yoga??? I was diagnosed at 17 with PCOS and I can 100% sympathise with the cramping! I’m 28 now & it isn’t nearly half as bad as it was. I had days where I couldn’t even walk, the pain would radiate up to my shoulders and down my legs 😦 I still get it now, but find that yoga has been a great help! I guess it depends where you get the pains, I get them in my back & the top of my legs, but you may be different!
    Good luck, I hope it gets better for you 🙂 xo

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