Update: PCOS and Fire

Okay, so I haven’t posted since the beginning of July. I was doing great on my Jumpstart to Skinny and was really excited about it. And then my house caught on fire. Yes, you read that right. On Sunday, July 7, at about 7 am, my husband and I were woken up by the power in our house going out. James has a battery backup for his desktop computer and when the power goes out it beeps pretty loud. So we were annoyed because it was really hot and humid outside and both of us were looking forward to sleeping in and did not want to spend the morning with no air conditioning. We both tried to go back to sleep hoping that it would come back on quickly. We live downtown, right next to the public library and really close to the hospital, so usually our power is not out for very long when it goes out. Well almost immediately we start hearing a cracking, popping sound from the wall right next to the bed. It almost sounded like a small animal scratching around in the wall. We have had some problems in the past with squirrels and birds getting in that wall, so that was my first thought. Then the room started to fill up with smoke! James and I both jumped out of bed and scrambled into some clothes. By this time the wall was really hot and there was quite a bit of smoke. The smoke alarm hadn’t gone off yet though. James checked the breaker box, but nothing was blown. We have a second breaker box in the kitchen behind the washer and dryer. It’s extremely hard to get to. (We have a really old house.) But by this time we were both pretty scared of the house burning so we just scooped up the dog and called 911 and got out of the house! The fire department got to the house extremely quick. About 5 minutes, if that long. The firemen had to use an axe on the wall to get to the wires, but they were able to cut off the power and stop the fire before there were any major flames. So we were pretty lucky that we only lost part of that wall. Evidentially, another squirrel had made a nest in the wall and chewed on the main power line that come from the meter into the house, causing it to short and start the fire. The firemen said we were minutes from it going up in flames!


Here’s a picture of the firemen in our yard. I was trying to be discreet and not let them see me photographing them… lol.

So despite not having much damage, we had to stay to nights in a hotel until the power could be turned back on and the wall could be fixed. We didn’t have power for two days, so I filled our coolers with as much as I could fit from the fridge, but I lost a lot of my groceries, especially the produce. Produce doesn’t keep very well in coolers…

Needless to say, the combo of not having a kitchen, the stress from the fire, and feeling like shit from the PCOS, I didn’t stick to the diet.

PCOS update:  I’m still on my period!!! I’m about to go crazy! I went back to the doctor on Wednesday. She did another ultrasound and my uterine lining is down to 5mm. Which is normal. So she says that the meds are working and I just have to stick it out. She took me off the birth control about two weeks ago and started me on Provera. I’m supposed to take 10mg twice a day until my period stops. She gave me a months worth. I really hope she doesn’t think I’m going to need the whole month! This really sucks! I am bleeding super heavy, cramping extremely bad, and all I want to do is sleep and eat. Eat really bad things. Greasy, cheesy, salty, or chocolatey things.

Somehow, miraculously, I have held onto my 30 lbs lost! My weight is fluctuating from 222-220. I restarted Jumpstart to Skinny yesterday, but I haven’t been sticking to it very well. I’m really bad and taking the vitamins and fish oil, I haven’t been drinking enough water, and I haven’t been exercising. I also have cheated a lot. I’m just ready to feel better!! I’ve been dealing with this since the middle of May! It’s extremely frustrating and so hard to do everyday things. I want to get back to my normal life where I’m not in pain constantly!

Anyway, sorry for the rant… That’s why I haven’t posted anything in awhile. I’m trying really hard to stick to my diet this time, and I’m going to do my best to get some exercise in, even if it’s just walking.

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