Why Nutrisystem?


So, why Nutrisystem?

In summary…. I’m lazy. I know myself well enough to know that the key to me being succesful in eating healthy is having a plan. Having my meals planned out and preprepped and ready to go. If I’m left to make a decision on the fly, it’s usually not a healthy one. I also know that at this point in my life I cannot trust myself to consistently meal plan and prep. So I researched some different meal delivery services and decided on Nutrisystem, mostly because it was the most affordable.

I know that there are healthier alternatives. I know that weightloss has to be a lifestyle change and do I plan on being on Nutrisystem for the rest of my life? No. But it is a great way to get me started and keep me motivated, and most important for me, emliminate the need to make decisions. 

With Nutrisystem you supplement the meals with additional veggies and “powerfuels” and “smartcarbs”. This has actually required me to do a small about of meal prep/planning and cooking. But it isn’t required! I can just eat the Nutrisystem and be fine (just maybe a little hungry). So I’m slowly planning more and cooking more, and will begin to work more flex meals into the plan. This way I can eventually wean myself off of Nutrisystem, and I can always keep a stock of Lean Cuisine in the future!

What else am I doing this time around?

  1. FitBit. I bought a FitBit. I wear it all the time. It tells me how many calories I burn each day. I am on my feet all day at work, so I typically burn 3,000 calories, without even going into the gym.
  2. I’m not starving myself. My goal is to eat at least 1,000 calories less than I burn. So that means I can eat 2,000 calories and still be in a deficit. I typically eat between 1,200-1,500 a day since that is what Nutrisystem is set up for, but if I eat more I don’t beat myself up about it. And I’m still losing weight. Remember, I want this to be sustainable!
  3. Couch to 5K. Today I finished Week 4 Run 1. (It was tough!!) I want to start incorporating some strength training, too, but I’m a little clueless as to how to begin. (Suggestions welcome!!)
  4. Instagram! Follow me! I post pictures of my food and workouts. It’s really helped hold myself accountable.
  5. The Half Size Me podcast! This has been an amazing motivator!! You should check out the site and the podcast. Heather does an amazing job of breaking you out of the “diet” mindset and help you think about the journey as the beginning of a new lifestyle.


Goals for this week:

  1. Go to the gym (or take my dog for a walk) BEFORE work every day.
  2. Eat breakfast every day.
  3. Eat 1000 less calories than I burn every day.

Minimums for this week:

  1. Go to they gym 3 times.
  2. Eat breakfast every day.
  3. Eat less calories than I burn every day.


If you want to join Nutrisystem use my referral code for $30 off! Join here!

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