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Keto Week 1

Okay, so yesterday I officially completed Week 1 of Keto! I have to say…. I’m sold! I feel amazing! I started the week out at 249 lbs. As of yesterday I am at……… *drumroll, please!*………. 241.2 lbs!!! That’s 7.8 lbs gone in one week!


I have an amazing amount of energy. I am never hungry. I’m loving this! So here is the breakdown of my week 1. Remember, I’m a Keto Noob, so I might not be doing everything perfect, but I’m learning and adjusting and finding the right Keto for me!


Day 1 Keto:  So it was my day off, and I closed the night before, so I slept kind of late and had a late breakfast at about 1pm. I had 8 pieces of bacon, two eggs, and a Babybel gouda wheel. Total Calories:  648, 1% carbs, 74% fat, 25% protein. I hadn’t really gone shopping yet, so I had a leftover Nutrisystem Mushroom Stuffed Chicken Breast and steamed broccoli cooked with bacon fat and 4 pieces of bacon, garlic, queso cheese, and olive oil. Total calories:  763, 9% carbs, 68% fat, 23% protein. I finished the day with another Babybel gouda wheel and a Quest chocolate protein shake. Macros for the day:  1601 calories, 111g protein, 4 net carbs, 117g fat. This was the first day, so I didn’t feel any different than normal.

Day 2 Keto:  For breakfast I had 1 egg cooked in 1/2 tablespoon of olive oil and 1/2 an avocado. For lunch I had cream cheese rolled in turkey breast with two pieces of bacon, 1/2 an avocado, and a 100 calorie pack of almonds. Dinner was a chicken breast stuffed with mozzarella and spinach with green beans and parmesan. And lots of butter. Macros for the day:  1340 calories, 95g protein, 19g net carbs, 90g fat. Still didn’t feel different than normal on day 2.

Day 3 Keto:  I had coffee with a tablespoon of butter. This kept me full until about 4pm. Then I had an omelet with mushrooms, spinach, cheese, and bacon. For dinner I had mexican chicken with spinach and a cheese sauce. I noticed a reduction in hunger on day three, and a slight increase in energy. Macros for the day:  1466 calories, 65g protein, 8g net carbs, 126g fat. This was the first day that I tested to see if I was in ketosis (using urine strips) and I was!

Day 4 Keto:  I had cold brew coffee with 1 teaspoon MCT oil, a scoop of collagen, and 2 tablespoons heavy whipping cream. This was a great energy boost and I was very full. I woke up on day 4 before my alarm went off with a ton of energy! I got ready in half the time it normally takes me. I actually didn’t feel hungry the rest of the day, so I started an accidental fast! Macros for the day:  163 calories, 7g protein, 0g net carbs, 15g fat.

Day 5 Keto:  I woke up on day 5 feeling amazing! I had sooooo much energy! I had my ketoproof cold brew for breakfast, and even though I hadn’t had a meal since Wednesday night (and this is Friday) I wasn’t hungry. I made it through the entire day with hardly any hunger. I probably could have gone to bed without eating, too, but I was a little nervous since it had been 48 hours since I ate, so I had a dinner of cream cheese rolled in beef slices with a caesar salad. Macros for the day:  780 calories, 33g protein, 9g net carbs, 64g fat.

Day 6 Keto:  I still felt great on day 6, but not as good as day 5. I did have a little bit of **TMI ALERT** diarrhea. I think because I ended the fast with too much food. I wasn’t hungry, so I just had the ketoproof cold brew for breakfast. I was hungry at lunch, but we were super busy at work, so I only had time for a quick fat bomb of 2 oz chicken breast, 1 piece of bacon, 2 ounces of cheddar, and some green onion. For dinner I had a pork steak and green beans cooked with bacon. At the end of the night I had some peanut flour with butter and a colby jack cheese stick.  I was VERY tired at the end of the night. Macros for the day:  1470 calories, 101g protein, 17 net carbs, 109g fat.

Day 7 Keto:  I was a little tired when I woke up. I did my ketoproof cold brew for breakfast again. For lunch (a late lunch) I had a burger with bacon and cheese (no bun) and some avocado. I wasn’t hungry for dinner, so I skipped it. I was pretty tired that night as well. Macros for the day:  1351 calories, 95g protein, 8g net carbs, 108g fat.

So I woke up Monday with a legit cold (not keto flu). Runny nose, swollen throat, low grade fever. That probably explains feeling more tired the last two days. Overall though, I still feel great!


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