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Tips for Transitioning to a Keto Lifestyle

Remember, I’m a keto noob! This is just what has worked for me!


  1. Do some research! It’s important to know what to expect, what some of the benefits are, as well as some of the side effects.


2.  Accept that fat is good! You are going to be eating A LOT of fat.


3. Calculate your macros. I used Ruled.Me’s calculator. Leave your activity level at sedentary, even if you work out. Click on the info button and then click on the visual guide to determine your body fat percentage. I have mine set at 45%. Set your calorie deficit to 30%. Leave your net carbs at 20 and your protein at 0.6. Put these macros into MyFitnessPal.


4. Only net carbs are important. This is total carbs minus fiber.

5. Water and salt are your best friend! Especially during the transition. Also take a magnesium and potassium supplement. Buy some Powerade Zero for electrolytes. This will help reduce the symptoms of Keto Flu.

6. Buy some keto test strips. I bought these on Amazon for $8.95.


7. Eat super high fat and low carb and don’t worry about calories at first. It takes 2-4 days (sometimes even 1-2 weeks) to get into ketosis. Once you’re in ketosis you’re going to feel great! Super high energy, no appetite. You’re also going to have some side effects:  very potent smelling urine, dry mouth, a weird taste in your mouth, some people experience bad breath and smelly sweat. At this point you’re in ketosis, but not fat adapted yet. Fat adaptation takes 2-4 weeks.

8. To speed up fat adaptation I would recommend starting intermittent fasting. This is where you wait at least 16 hours between meals, and then limit your eating to an 8 hour window.  This is very easy to do after you are in ketosis, as you have no appetite. If you can go longer than 16 hours, do it! Listen to your body, and if you aren’t hungry, don’t eat. I just did a 48 hour fast and felt amazing.  THIS STEP IS COMPLETELY OPTIONAL AND NOT REQUIRED FOR KETO.

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