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Tips for Transitioning to a Keto Lifestyle

Remember, I'm a keto noob! This is just what has worked for me! Do some research! It's important to know what to expect, what some of the benefits are, as well as some of the side effects. 2.  Accept that fat is good! You are going to be eating A LOT of fat. 3. Calculate… Continue reading Tips for Transitioning to a Keto Lifestyle

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Keto Week 1

Okay, so yesterday I officially completed Week 1 of Keto! I have to say.... I'm sold! I feel amazing! I started the week out at 249 lbs. As of yesterday I am at......... *drumroll, please!*.......... 241.2 lbs!!! That's 7.8 lbs gone in one week! I have an amazing amount of energy. I am never hungry.… Continue reading Keto Week 1

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Okay everyone, I know my last post I was talking about Nutrisystem and how I was going to use it for my weightloss journey. But I have officially canceled my Nutrisystem subscription! Why? Because I felt like shit!! I was hungry all the time, bloated, tired, and just didn't feel good. As you guys know… Continue reading


Why Nutrisystem?

So, why Nutrisystem? In summary.... I'm lazy. I know myself well enough to know that the key to me being succesful in eating healthy is having a plan. Having my meals planned out and preprepped and ready to go. If I'm left to make a decision on the fly, it's usually not a healthy one.… Continue reading Why Nutrisystem?


Starting Over

I remembered this blog today. I haven't been here in about 4 years. When I stopped blogging in 2013 I weighed 218 lbs. I had lost about 30 lbs and was going to the gym 1-2 times a day. I was happy. I was enjoying eating healthy. I was enjoying going to the gym. I… Continue reading Starting Over

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Belated Weekly Weigh-in

NOTE: I thought that I posted this last week, but it just saved as a draft.... Oops. So this post is extremely late. I had a very very busy week! Last Tuesday I finally went to the doctor after being on my period pretty much since the middle of February with only a two week… Continue reading Belated Weekly Weigh-in

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Strength training. Help?

I haven't been skipping a day between C25K sessions. Oops. So far it hasn't bothered me though. Yesterday I ran Week 3 Day 1. It's 1 1/2 minutes of running, 1 1/2 minutes walking, then 3 minutes running, 2 minutes walking. Twice. I ran the whole thing!! I thought I was going to die. But… Continue reading Strength training. Help?