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Belated Weekly Weigh-in

NOTE: I thought that I posted this last week, but it just saved as a draft.... Oops. So this post is extremely late. I had a very very busy week! Last Tuesday I finally went to the doctor after being on my period pretty much since the middle of February with only a two week… Continue reading Belated Weekly Weigh-in

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Neon Trees

Twenty One Pilots! If you've never heard of them, go listen now! Here's the video to their song Holding On To You: Back in February I bought tickets to see Neon Trees at the convocation center on campus. I got four tickets. Two for my husband and myself and two for my friends, Sarah… Continue reading Neon Trees

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Yucky Days

Yucky. That's how I feel today. The last few days actually. I've been craving greasy, cheesy, bad for you food. Don't worry. I've resisted. The weather sucks. It keeps teasing us with warm, pretty days. Then it's cold and rainy again. I am so ready for spring! It's so much easier to be in a… Continue reading Yucky Days

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Tomorrow is weigh in day! I'm nervous and excited! I'm anticipating good results, but I'm going to be pretty bummed if I don't get them. I've been working so hard! Thursday and Friday were a bit of a struggle for me. In addition to working at Olive Garden, on Thursday and Friday mornings I work… Continue reading Babysitting

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Weekly Weigh-in and Belated Healthy You Challenge Check-in

Soo.... this wasn't a good week for me. I cheated several times. The reason:  I'm a sucker for restaurants. When I friend invites me to go out to eat, I can't say no. And then, even though I try to make healthy decisions, I still eat a ton of calories! What do you guys do… Continue reading Weekly Weigh-in and Belated Healthy You Challenge Check-in

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Lean Cuisine, worms, and bloody cupcakes!

So I haven't been posting a lot lately. I've been crazy busy! I decided to cancel my eDiets orders and switch to eating Lean Cuisine and counting calories. eDiets is basically the same thing as Lean Cuisine except Lean Cuisine tastes better! I absolutely LOVE the chicken with cheese lasagna!! Sooo good!! And super filling.… Continue reading Lean Cuisine, worms, and bloody cupcakes!

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I’ve been bad. (and good!)

So I've been bad. =( Weekends are hard!! I've been good too though! We'll start with the good! Friday my hubby and I went to see Alice in Wonderland in 3-D (AMAZING!). Usually when we go to a movie I eat a ton of buttery, fattening popcorn and drink a huge soda. This time, although… Continue reading I’ve been bad. (and good!)

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Week 1, Day 4

Sooooo... I cheated. I said I was going to only weigh myself on Thursday's, but I just couldn't resist. And guess what?!?!?! 227.8!!  That's -4.2 lbs!!! In 4 days! It's not official until Thursday, but I'm super excited!!! Today was the first day of doing the Couch to 5K with Breah. I woke up at… Continue reading Week 1, Day 4